Race issue? A Political party issue? Or Human rights issue?

            As frustrating as it is to continuously hear dialogue surrounding President Donald Trump and his administration, it is a discussion that is inevitable for the next couple of years. Now that he is settled into the White House, there is no looking back on the ramifications Donald Trump’s presidency will have on United States history. Given his position, it is intimidating to feel confident in trying to combat what some Americans believe are injustices on individuals from diverse backgrounds. For some, it is a challenge to exercise democracy by tolerating the beliefs and rhetoric of the majority of people who “won” in having their candidate elected. Although it is important to respect others’ viewpoints, it should not be condoned when the extent of their beliefs, rhetoric, and actions negatively impact the lives of many citizens. How much worse do the actions of our President need to be in order for the government and American people to make a real stance against the hate promoted by President Trump?

            Some of Donald’s wrong saying and doing stems from his lack of political experience. Is one’s experience in business and reality TV sufficient for the demanding nature of being the leader of a world power? With his success in reality TV, he has even inspired other celebrities like Kane West to plan on running for president in 2020. Do we need more requirements for one to run and be elected as POTUS? Why is it that lower ranking positions have mountains of certain qualifications for other branches of government but for the most crucial position of President of the United States? I don’t have to explain how influential and impactful the President’s decisions are for present and future generations. It seems illogical to have these decisions in the hands of someone who is not even required to hold a college degree. Though I am aware a college degree does not directly demonstrate one’s ability to lead the nation. I bring it up to instead highlight the lack of a legitimate criteria and screening of the Presidential position.

We give our trust to someone that may not serve fit to lead a nation. In this case, Donald Trump’s phenomenal business skills, as shouted with pride by so many of his followers, do not translate harmoniously into running the nation’s international and economic decisions. Furthermore, the lack of standards required of the position of president, leads us to have to endure the repercussions of our President’s “Twitter Fingers” which almost delegitimizes the credibility of our nation’s leadership. But what next? This is our reality moving forward. What can we do to ensure that no one’s civil right and liberties are violated? Even if the end solution is impeachment, is that the right move given Mike Pence would assume the position in President Trump’s absence?


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  1. For a real estate developer-turned-reality television star with no government experience to become an elected President was a powerful rejection of the establishment forces that had assembled against him, from the world of business to government, and the consensus they had forged on everything from trade to immigration. The results of this election amounted to a repudiation, not only of Mrs. Clinton, but of President Obama. From the moment Trump entered the campaign, with a shocking set of claims that Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals, he was widely underestimated. Many argue that he spoke to people (the white working class) who were not being listened to throughout this election. However, if that is the case, Trump’s campaign, overwhelmed with racist and misogynistic statements, speaks much larger to the values of the white working class. Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see if Donald Trump stays true to some of his promises, but if he does, I anticipate that there will be an overwhelming public outcry calling to reject this presidency and his cabinet appointees.


  2. It was devastating for many after Trump was elected as it seemed surreal that a reality tv star is now our president. I think what is next is to rely on our judicial and legislative branches of government to ensure that our people’s civil rights are not violated. Although that is a scary thought to rely on these two powers of government outside of the President in order to keep our liberties, it seems to be our only option right now. If Trump were to be impeached that would leave us with his Vice President Mike Pence- someone who I cannot stand especially as a queer individual. But none the less, Hillary lost and she could have run a better campaign to win the presidency. She failed to appeal to many important voters, in which she should’ve won because she has so much more experience in politics than Trump. If the Russians are found to have interfered with the election process would it be justifiable for Pence to take over Trump’s position? Or would there be some other option if it is discovered that Trump and his administration colluded with Russia to win the presidency?


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